Monday, November 29, 2010


Do you want the good news or the bad news? The BAD news is this blog is retiring. The GOOD news is it will pick up at KLP Photography's blog. That's right, my business blog is also gonna get a little personal so you can get an inside look at our lives. So please replace this blog with the photography blog if it is on your list. Check with the KLP photography blog often to learn more about the Peddicord's! :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hey Stranger

Hello blog friends (as if any of you read this anymore)! I know it has been a while since you have heard from us. I think the last time we spoke, we were headed out West for a trip to Arizona. We are still alive, just veeeeeery busy! And I don't see things slowing down for a while. Which is a good thing. To sum it all up: Casey travels A LOT with work, Kristin is working and doing photography on the side (which has taken off wonderfully) and in the mean time we are trying to remodel a house! We are so busy there is no time to breath or update a blog for that matter! Never fear, when things get back to normal and we are in our house then you will see updates often. Just say a prayer for us that everything with the house gets done...and soon! :) Love you all! C & K

Thursday, March 25, 2010

{it's time}

Finally, the time has come...
We leave for Arizona tomorrow!!!
The is honestly a once in a lifetime opportunity (we would never be able to afford this place, luckily it is all paid for) and we plan to take full advantage. God really blessed Casey with a great job, and we are so grateful to have this chance. So please pray for us that we have a safe trip, and that we don't get too burnt. We love you all.

Casey and Kristin

Monday, March 8, 2010


IT'S OFFICIAL! We are homeowners! We signed our life away on Friday, and now the fun begins. A lot of you are wondering when we will be in and it's gonna be a while. Being a foreclosure, there is a lot of stuff that needs done and we have exactly 4 months to get it fixed. Any volunteers that wanna help would be great! So we are looking at June or July as the move in month. We can't wait for everyone to see it! We are going to take some 'before' pictures so you can see the progress. Say a prayer for us, we are gonna need it! :)

When Megan handed over the key(see earlier post for a pic of the house)!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

{dog park}

Poor Pat and Pearl, there really are times that I feel bad for them. They don't get out and get to play as much as I wish they could. Casey and I don't have a yard for them to play in (yet), so the only way they get to run free is either at Megan's house or at the Dog Park in Knoxville. They LOVE this place. They get to run, play with other dogs, and just enjoy life. I love to watch them run and walk without having to wear a leash. They really had fun yesterday and the weather was beautiful. Our lives would not be the same without our 'babies' :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010


The day for LOVE :)
I am one blessed girl... I get to know what love feels like. My husband shows it to me every day. I wish everyone will get to experience the true meaning of love and what it feels like. It truly is the greatest of all...

I know I am updating our Valentines Date Night a little late, but things have been hectic here lately... TRUST ME. As I have said before, I love this holiday. It's nothing that special because I am treated well all the time. :) However, we did try some new things that deserve recognition.

We started off the night at Patrick Sullivans. Neither one of us had been, and we heard nothing but good reviews about the place. I kept hearing it was a great place to go after games (more like a bar) so I was a little hesitant to spend our romantic Valentine's evening there. We loved it! The old city atmosphere was awesome, there was no wait, and most of all the food was delicious! We both got the special which was prime rib with jumbo shrimp. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone that is looking for a great atmosphere and a great meal.

Secondly, we went to the downtown movie theatre and really enjoyed it. The seats were very comfortable and the theatre was HUGE - there was no such thing as a bad place to sit. I would highly recommend this place for a great cinema experience.

The move Valentine's Day was very cute and funny. The cast is huge of familiar faces and they were all great. I was afraid the stories would not go together well but it all flowed wonderfully. You know if Julia Roberts is in it its gonna be a good :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Casey won a trip! Since he was the top seller in his division for 2009, we get to go on an all expense paid trip to The Pheonician Resort and Spa in Arizona! I am so proud of him, he has worked super hard over the past year for us and it really does pay off. God has blessed us more than we deserve!

Thank you baby for all that you do and working so hard. I love you!!! :) CONGRATS!

Here it is

Casey will be here...

while I am getting one of these...

YAY! :) Can't wait! So excited and proud of my baby!

Slide made by Casey, played at our wedding.